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Fechas y Horarios

January 2017. Dates to be confirmed.
Timetable to be confirmed.
This training can be custom made for businesses, planning the courses in new dates and schedules, if there is a sufficient number of students who request it.


10 horas

Lugar de realización

ETSEIB, Av. Diagonal 647 2nd floor, Barcelona

Tecnologías de la energía y del Medio Ambiente

Professional course Energy storage for power networks: an introduction to the technology and the applications

This course presents the main characteristics and operating principles of different energy storage technologies. After this first module, focus is on the description of the applications these storage systems can provide in electrical power networks. The course also develops a cost model for energy storage systems so as to develop cost-benefit analysis around the application of storage technologies in power networks.



Participants will learn about different storage technologies covering from large scale systems, such as pumped-hydro installations, to short term storages such as supercapacitors and flywheels. Participants will also learn about the potentiality of such storages for the modernization and decarbonisation of future power networks.



The course is focused to last course students aiming to know on energy storages, or even professionals aiming to explore new business opportunities around the application of storages in power networks.



Module 1: Overview of energy storage technologies

    • Principles of operation, main characteristics (1.5 hours)
    • Balance of plant components (power electronics and ancillaries) (1.5 hours)
    • Study case: assessment of cost models (2.0 hours)

Module 2: Applications of storage technologies in power systems

    • Review of applications (2.0 hours)
    • Study case: sizing of a battery bank for PV generating system (2.0 hours)

Module 3: Regulation and business models

    • Current regulations and future trends (1.0 hours)
    • Business models (1.0 hours)



Dirección académica

Francisco Díaz


Francisco Díaz:

Francisco Díaz is Doctor in Electrical Engineering from UPC. Since 2015 he works in CITCEA at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya as a Postdoc Researcher. He is professor in the Master courses of UPC and he also teaches in the master and professional courses of CITCEA.



Modality Presential


Evaluation system Continuous evaluation and minimum 80% attendance.


Price 280€

10% for students and teachers, companies that register 3 or more people and members of associations where CITCEA is associated.