UPC at Advanced Factories 2021

Daniel Crespo, new rector and president of the CIT UPC
June 10, 2021
Researcher Maria Dolors Riera receives the Rosa Argelaguet i Isanta Award
June 15, 2021


CIT UPC was again a Supporting Partner of Advanced Factories, the main event on industrial automation, robotics and industry 4.0. This year, the fifth edition was held at Barcelona International Conference Centre (CCIB) from 8 to 10 June. Advanced Factories was the first face-to-face fair and conference of the industrial sector to be held in Spain in 2021.

Industry 4.0 Congress, an event parallel to the Fair, brought together 267 leading conference attendees who shared their successful experiences of applying 4.0 technologies to improve the productivity of their factories, and to analyse technologies or solutions that will transform industry in the future. Karina Gibert Oliveras, director of the Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center (IDEAI) and a member of the  Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning Group (KEMLG), participated in a session on artificial intelligence and automatic learning in the automation of administrative processes.

Researcher and industrial engineer from the UPC Martí de Castro Cros participated with a talk on how artificial intelligence is being used to model complex systems, such as the generation of energy and specifically gas turbines, to be able to identify reductions in efficiency and advance without potential unwanted shut-downs in the production system.

Manel Arrufat, head of innovation and entrepreneurship at the UPC, talked about XAFIR, the industry 4.0 network led by the UPC that promotes transfer to SMEs. Finally, Daniel Zurita Millan, co-founder of the spin-off Dattium that emerged from Motion Control and Industrial Applications (MCIA) group at the UPC, explained how they facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence in production equipment of industry 4.0.

Advanced Factories 2021 brought together, face-to-face, professionals from the industrial sector to find out about and present the latest solutions in industrial automation systems, robotics, additive manufacturing, software, artificial intelligence, Digital Twins, artificial vision and virtual simulation solutions, Big Data, IoT, cybersecurity, 3D printing, industrial cloud computing and machine learning. From over 200 exhibitors, attendees were able to find out about advances and innovations in the sectors of the car, aeronautics, food, electronics, textiles, rail, metal and pharmaceutical industries.

This year, the event is celebrating five years of consolidation as the annual summit on industrial innovation, bringing together leading companies to enhance the competitiveness of their industrial plants, which is crucial to economic recovery and increased competitiveness in the industrial sector. Advanced Factories was attended by over 10,000 professionals in the fifth edition.

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