Research in this area focuses on materials for hard tissue replacement and generally engaged in an eminently structural function. These tasks include both mechanical characterization, microstructural and chemical fabrics and materials and the development of new materials and bioactive surfaces.

Development of biomaterials for tissue and organs regeneration/functional repair. It requires the design of materials able to modulate the response of the desired tissue leading, in some cases, to the regeneration and formation of the degraded tissues, or to the perfect integration of the biomaterial and the recovery of the lost functionality.

  • Injectable calcium phosphates for bone replacement and regeneration
  • Metallurgy and coatings
  • Shape memory alloys (low elastic modulus alloys for the manufacture of implants and prostheses)
  • New biomaterials from biodegradable compounds for bone regeneration
  • Bioactive surfaces on titanium and its alloys
  • Cell bioengineering
  • Cell cultures
  • Biodegradable scaffolds
  • Surface characterization