Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH

University-Business Partnerships

CIT UPC aims to establish collaborative relationships and long term ties to companies and institutions capable of contributing an added value to the technological knowledge of the UPC. We strive to be a strategic partner to companies by serving as a source of knowledge, technology and talent.

These partnerships can be realised through two main ways:

1. Industrial and technological partnerships in the form of R&D Agreements tailored to business needs. CIT UPC promotes cross-cutting, multidisciplinary technology projects, as well as turnkey projects that provide comprehensive technology solutions.

2. Stable, long-term partnerships in the form of CIT UPC Sponsors/Partners Programme. This type of partnerships foster mutual understanding while multiplying the benefits to both parties.

This collaboration confers advantages on companies in terms of image, promotion, information and guidance. As for example:

  • Innovation capacity and access to research resources (talent and human capital highly skilled in R&D), in the framework of a stable relationship with the University.
  • Preferential access to national and European networks of innovation expertise, as well as preferential participation in competitive public financing processes.
  • The experience, track record, rigour, excellence and academic prestige of the UPC.
  • Image and publicity: The association of a company with the UPC – and in particular with CIT UPC, at the cutting edge of R&D – confers prestige, social impact and other positive results.
  • Social and ethical commitment (Corporate Social Responsibility): Companies indirectly contribute to support the third mission of the UPC.

Both kinds of collaborations confer different types of tax deductions for the companies, according to the Spanish Law.


Tax deductions on donations and R&D contracts. Information:

T. +34 93 405 44 03