Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH


inLab FIB UPC has collaborated with SEAT to develop the Parkfinder prototype, a mobile application that can be integrated with the Infotainment system of SEAT vehicles that have MirrorLink installed. The app can be used to find parking places, using information provided by the iCity platform developed in a European smart city project.
Using a standard application program interface for various cities, users can consult data in real-time, such as the availability of parking places (for example, in the green and blue zones). Once a user has selected a destination, the prototype communicates with the car’s navigation system to provide real-time information on the estimated time of arrival and approximate distance to the selected zone. To ensure that it is safe to use the app when driving, a user interface has been developed that meets the requirements of Distracted Driving Laws.
The prototype has been tested successfully in the Les Corts neighbourhood of Barcelona, and was presented as an example of an iCity project at the last Smart City Expo World Congress 2015.