Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH

The behaviour of pump-turbines in pumped storage power stations

The Centre for Industrial Diagnostics and Fluid Dynamics (CDIF UPC) has completed a numerical and experimental study of the dynamic behaviour of pump-turbine vanes submerged in water. The study determined the effects of the added mass of water, the contour, and the rotor on the dynamic response of this type of vane.

Pump-turbines are high power reversible machines that are used in hydraulic power stations to store excess energy generated in off-peak periods or excess electricity generated by renewable energy plants (producing wind, marine and solar energy). Pumped storage power stations are essential to the control of the electrical grid and the development of new renewable energies. The results of the project, which was commissioned by the German company VOITH HYDRO Holding GmbH, will help to reduce the likelihood of vibration and fatigue damage in the machine.