Enertronics is to make energy systems intelligent, using electronic technologies of power, control and communications, combined with the analysis and design of electrical and energy systems.

The scope of enertronics apply to the area of renewable energy, smart grids, smart city and electric mobility.

CIT UPC provides companies and institutions our knowledge and experience in the field of enertronics:

  • Analysis of energy consumption patterns for prognosis, diagnosis and optimization.
  • Optimization of energy consumption in buildings and industrial plants.
  • Diagnostic and monitoring techniques of electromechanical systems.
  • Intelligent control of the power grid.
  • Design and development of electric chargers and V2G/V2H systems.
  • Design of electrical machines as its monitoring and control.
  • Design of electric motors for electric and hybrid vehicles to plug network.
  • Design of small power generation systems.
  • Management of energy storage systems.
  • Electronic power applied to the emulation of computers.
  • High voltage systems for sustainable transportation energy.