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In collaboration with SEAT, inLab FIB UPC has developed the CarGuard prototype. This is a system that enables vehicles to communicate with Android and iOS Mobile devices, providing access to a range of safety and prevention functions. Communication is two-way: the mobile device can send commands or consult the status of the vehicle, and the vehicle can send alerts and information to the smartphone.

For positioning tasks, the project uses the open platform tooPath, which is an environment for tracking mobile devices with GPS. The platform was developed by inLab FIB UPC and is based on open source software and the use of free-access mapping data or user-owned mapping information (OpenStreetMap).

The project was undertaken as part of the SEAT Chair at the UPC.


More information:

Contact: Jordi Martín

Tel: 93.405.46.90

Email: j.martin@upc.edu