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CIT UPC took part as a collaborating entity in the Smart Energy Congress 2018 "Digital Transformation, Leading Energy Efficiency", organized by the EnerTIC Platform, which was held on 11–12 April.


Smart Energy Congress is the annual European event at which leading consultants, energy companies, leaders in the technology industry, heads of major projects, etc. share their views and discuss trends, challenges and opportunities to improve energy efficiency in areas such as cities (SmartCities)industries (Industry 4.0), or data centres (SmartDataCenters).

This meeting was a unique occasion to detect opportunities and establish relationships with stakeholders, innovate together and share experiences, and an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in Smart Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Data Center and Smart Energy Startups. 

The SmartEnergyCongress is a multidisciplinary event aimed at:

  •   Directors of digital transformation, innovation, technology, operations, sustainability, industry, etc.
  •   Heads of SmartEnergy and operations in major infrastructure.
  •   Advisors and experts in companies specialized in energy efficiency and sustainability.
  •   Organizations interested in solutions to improve their energy efficiency, cut costs and increase their sustainability.


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