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The European project INVADE, in which CITCEA UPC participates, has been launched to minimise the impact of climate change, reduce greenhouse gases, and promote the use of renewable energies in the European Union. The aim of the project is to optimise energy supply and create end-user-centric services through a platform that will manage the flexibility available in smart grid systems. The platform shall integrate a range of flexible resources such as manageable demand, batteries, electric vehicles and new business models relating to these new applications. CITCEA will develop the architecture and the control algorithms for the flexible platform that will enable to manage renewable resources in distribution networks.

The project has a budget of 16 million euros, and will incorporate infrastructure and pilot test systems based in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Norway and Holland. Twelve partners are involved and the project will end in December 2019.


More information: Jordi Martín

Senior Industrial Liaison Officer

Phone: 93.4054690

Email: info.cit@upc.edu