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Professor of ESEIAAT Núria Salán, distinguished with the award 'Women and Technology' Orange Foundation



The Orange Foundation has distinguished professor in the School of Industrial Engineering, Aerospace and Audiovisual de Terrassa (ESEIAAT) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) Núria Salán with the Women and Technology Award Foundation-Orange, the second edition of the prize.

According to the Orange Foundation, "the award recognizes Núria Salán suit upset woman at the service of society for his work as a teacher, researcher in materials and innovative teaching and learning methods, as well as attracting female talent and empowering new generations of women technologists in all areas (engineering, architecture, computer science, telecommunications, etc.). "

For Núria Salán, "we need to have visibility of what made women throughout history and what they are doing and will do. For example, the Wi-Fi was invented by a woman, use it daily, but nobody know his name. GPS is another case. However, as Hedy Lamarr is known as an actress. that's what I try to emphasize in my work in my everyday life" says Salán.

According to the Orange Foundation, this is a recognition that distinguishes and rewards annually to women who stand out for their work in the fields of technology and social innovation, and its results have been impacted significantly on the development and transformation of society, improving the quality of life of people

The award ceremony will take place on March 18 in Segovia, in the framework of the VII Encounter of Women transform the world, organized by the city council.


Núria Salán


He began his career in the UPC Materials for 25 years and is currently a professor and deputy director of Institutional Development and Student of the School of Engineering, Aerospace and Broadcasting Terrace (ESEIAAT). Degree in Chemistry (Metallurgy) from the University of Barcelona (UB) and a PhD in Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Since January 2016 is also president of the Catalan Society of Technology (a subsidiary of the Institute of Catalan Studies). In addition, Núria Salán coordinated the project RIMA from 2008 to 2016, which has enjoyed national and international recognition as a pioneering program in the creation and consolidation of stakeholders in learning methods technological environments. He was also coordinator of the Gender Program of the UPC since its creation in 2015, where he has driven the approach of technology in pre-university female population, in order to foster vocations and attract talent.

Salán has participated in research activities on women and technology. His latest projects have been mentoring program and the empowerment of women in the field of science and technology aimed at girls polytechnic called "M2M" and the exhibition "The genius (in) visible. Women and Technology: past, present and future ", noted social awareness invisibility that historically have had women technologists, as well as his inventions and achievements.



Fundació Orange


The Orange Foundation believes in technology as a tool and as an opportunity to improve the lives of people. Therefore, performs projects under the field of digital education, with special emphasis on groups at risk of exclusion. In addition, the Orange Foundation is firmly committed to the use of digital solutions in favor of the quality of life of people with autism and carries out a task committed to using technological tools to bring culture and entertainment to people with visual or hearing.