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WORKSHOP ‘Improving technology transfer in Europe’


On 8 June, the CIT UPC Technology Centre will jointly organize a workshop entitled ‘Improving Technology Transfer in Europe’ as part of the Science2Society (S2S) European project. The aim of the event is to provide a space for discussion and the exchange of technology transfer experiences through the pilot projects that are being developed in S2S.


Jordi Berenguer, Vice-Rector for Knowledge Transfer and Innovation at the UPC, will open the event. During the workshop, initial results will be presented for the three pilot studies associated with the Science2Society project: Co-location (“Establishing industry innovation labs within universities”) led by the UPC and CA Technologies, “Big Research Data Transfer” led by Aalto University and Atos, and “Open Innovation Marketplace”, led by Innoget. The workshop will conclude with an open session for attendees to share ideas and suggestions about the workshop contents, led by Bax & Company. 



About Science2Society

Science2Society is a European Project designed to improve the efficiency of the European innovation system by compiling good practices on technology transfer and generating and disseminating information so that stakeholders can optimize these processes. S2S evaluates mechanisms of collaboration between universities, research organizations, society and industry, to improve processes of innovation and their impact on society.

CIT UPC participates fully in S2S, leading the pilot Co-location (“Establishing industry innovation labs within universities”, together with CA.

S2S is comprised of 18 partners, including large companies such as FIAT, Atos or CA Technologies, and leading European research entities like KU Leuven, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Aalto University and Fraunhofer.