Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH


Biomedical Engineering Research Centre

CREB is a multidisciplinary research centre with the mission of providing R&D&I in biomedical engineering to meet technological, clinical and industrial needs.

CREB is able to provide science and technology solutions and support for technology transfer and training. It also acts as a technological observatory for medical technologies.

Its main activities are as follows:

Biomedical signals and systems

Design and development of advanced techniques for the acquisition and processing of biomedical signals used for monitoring, diagnosing and treating cardiac, respiratory, neuronal and muscular conditions.
Automation of tests and measures.
Analysis of snoring.

Robotics and vision

Robotics for surgery rehabilitation and social rehabilitation.
Advice on process automation, adaptation and robotisation of installations.
Development of image processing systems, vision inspection and robot guidance. Study and design of technical aids for people with physical and sensory disabilities.

Biomaterials and biomechanics

Analysis of mechanical properties (fracture, fatigue and wear), chemical and microstructural characterisation (optical microscopy, electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysis), environmental electron microscopy tests and studies (without the need to dry samples) and in situ mechanical tests using microscopy. Other activities include:

• Injectable calcium phosphates
• Metallurgy and coatings
• Cell bioengineering
• Biomechanics and simulation

Dosimetry of ionising radiation

Development of procedures and techniques to monitor radiation resulting from its use in industry and medicine. Testing and calibration of photon and beta radiation detectors. External personal dosimetry service.

Instrumentation and bioengineering

Design and development of new equipment, sensors, products and biomedical instrumentation:

• Monitoring of haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.
• Estimates of the respiratory pattern in chronic patients and ICUs.
• Non-invasive estimates of post-transplant cardiac rejection (ESEM).
• Non-contact measurements of hepatic iron.
• Determination of the technological quality of meat products.
• Online monitoring of cell growth in bioreactors.
• Study of sedimentation and biomass concentration at water-treatment plants.

Computer graphics

Geometric modelling. Construction and evaluation of volumetric models from 3D images.
Analysis of structural properties of materials using 3D images. Calculation of porosity and connectivity.
Visualisation of multimodal data. Illustrative visualisation. Contextualisation techniques.

CREB has more than 25 years’ experience in technology transfer and 27 registered patents.

Currently there are 5 patents available to out-license:

Biopolymer containing calcium phosphate foam, process for obtaining thereof and use for bone regeneration (EP09382046.2)
New nanostructured material for tissue regeneration (EP10382121.1)
ew recombinant protein polymers and method of surface bioactivation of these polymers (P200901903)
Modular system for feeding animals, welfare magnetic field (P201000808)
Inorganic cement for biomedical applications, process for their preparation and use (P201000359)

Its technological capacity covers a wide range of sectors:

Industry (equipment)BiotechnologyHealth sciences

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