A gamified virtual reality application for the rehabilitation of patients with chronic disabilities

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The aim of the Muvity project in which the Multimedia Applications and ICTs Laboratory (LAM) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC) participates, is to develop a gamified physical telerehabilitation application for people with chronic injuries. The user carries out exercises and plays games designed with therapists that lead them to move their arms and legs and thus achieve the established goals.

A low-cost depth camera captures the movement, and the computer application processes the data in real time. In this way, the user interacts with the application to achieve the goals (focused on carrying out movements of daily life). The biomechanical data (movement angles, time played and performance) are stored in a remote database so that the physiotherapist can analyse them from another computer. The system is a tool designed for professionals that incorporates the option of planning of the treatment. Through the tool, the therapist plans and personalises the exercises and games remotely and their duration and difficulty, so that the patient can carry them out at home, as if they were daily missions.

Muvity contributes to making this technology more accessible to people who are doubly vulnerable, that is, those who have suffered from a neuromuscular injury and also have limited financial resources.

Results and impact

The research group has collaborated closely with the Osona Association of Functional Diversity (ADFO), which is joint owner of the system along with the UPC. This association works to find opportunities for all people in the Osona area who are affected by physical or sensory functional diversity. The therapists explain what the users’ exercises should be like, and the LAM of the UPC programmes the application.

Currently, Muvity has seven exercises and nine games, and new functionalities of gamification and new games (including dynamic analyses) are being introduced. During 2023, a clinical trial is planned in the Vic Hospital Consortium. At the same time, the application is being used by people with other chronic neuromuscular disorders from the entity.

Recently, Muvity has obtained funding from the Next Generation call of the Government of Catalonia’s Department of Social Rights, for the development and application of Muvity to social entities. At the same time, the project has entered the Impact Programme of the Center for the Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technologies (CIMTI), with the aim of implementing Muvity in the health and social system.



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