New applications for hemp fiber

New zirconia material for dental applications with surface modifications and controlled roughness
March 19, 2015
Hygienic sanitary pads and tampons made from maximum absorption natural cotton
December 1, 2014

On 3 April, as part of Investor’s Day UPC 2014, a project for a technology-based company called CATCA was presented. CATCA emerged from the Innotex Center/Intexter, in collaboration with the UPC’s Department of Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology, to market the results of research into hemp. The aim of CATCA is to develop technological hemp, which is not psychoactive, and market it to small designers who are committed to new, high quality organic materials for the textile sector, and to the big manufacturers.


Hemp is a very strong material that grows with little water and does not need pesticides, making it a sustainable, organic crop. When newly developed technologies are applied, it becomes a fiber that can be used to obtain new textiles that are very soft and suitable for manufacturing clothes.

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