Assolim: Optimised routes on demand for the food service sector

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The research and innovation laboratory at the Barcelona School of Informatics (inLab FIB) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC) is taking part, along with the distribution company Assolim, in the design of a test of concept to create optimised routes for each vehicle for transport on demand.

Assolim is a global distribution company  in the food sector in Catalonia. It is a leader in fresh, frozen and room temperature products that offers the best solutions for the catering sector.

It has the capacity to store the over 4,500 different products that are in high rotation in its current portfolio, due to the 9,500 pallet locations that it has for frozen, chilled and room temperature products. In this way, it conserves its products in excellent facilities under optimum conditions, to maintain the overall quality and ensure that all the requirements are met to follow monitor traceability and rotation.

The transport fleet has 60 vehicles that are ready to distribute fresh, frozen and room temperature products daily. It covers all of Catalonia and nearby locations.

The size of the fleet and the high volume of deliveries carried out every day means that the planning, which is currently done by hand, is difficult and gives rise to routes that are not very efficient. There is little capacity to react to unexpected events and last-minute changes.

For this reason, a test of concept has been developed that enables a set of optimised routes to be created for transport on demand. It meets the delivery time restrictions of each customer, and the working hours of the vehicles, considering the specific characteristics of each vehicle.

The result of this test of concept is a route plan for each vehicle. Each one of these routes has a list of times and locations of the establishments where each order must be delivered.

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