BIOPHOCH: Photonic technologies and machine learning to improve the diagnosis of visual, neurological and hematological diseases

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The project Biomedical photonics and machine learning for the diagnosis and treatment of ocular disorders, cognitive deterioration and haematological diseases (BIOPHOCH), led by the Centre for Sensors, Instruments and Systems Development (CD6), is designed to develop new tools and methodologies for image analysis and processing of data in the health area using photonic techniques.

Biomedical photonics is leading to revolutionary discoveries in the health sector, where light-based instruments are already used for non-invasive diagnoses and treatments of patients. These advances are accompanied by the generation of a large quantity of data. It is in this area that BIOPHOCH has the mission of obtaining efficient algorithms that could process the information that is gathered.

What are the challenges of the BIOPHOCH project?

The project uses eye-tracking technology, spectral and confocal microscopy, among others, along with data analysis and machine learning algorithms to research and address the challenges in three medical areas:

  • The diagnosis of ocular disorders using new methods of refraction and evaluation of the eye fundus.
  • The objective evaluation of cognitive state (Alzheimer’s and persistent COVID) from the analysis of ocular movements.
  • The diagnosis of haematological diseases through spectral confocal microscopy.

Through machine learning, the aim is to offer the capacity to classify and identify data patterns, with similar reliability to that of experienced doctors.

Continuity project with a multidisciplinary team

BIOPHOCH brings together in one project a highly complementary team comprised of physicists, optical engineers, software engineers and optometrists from the CD6 and various hospitals, including the Institute of Ocular Microsurgery (IMO), Terrassa Health Consortium (CST) and Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (HSJD). It is also supported by companies in the medical sector.

As part of the State R+D+I Programme Oriented to the Challenges of Society of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, BIOPHOCH has a budget of 242,000 euros and lasts 3 years (September 2021 to August 2024).

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