Management of software vulnerabilities in organisations

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inLab FIB UPC- esCERT has developed a platform for monitoring an organisation’s operating systems, software and devices, and notifying the system administrator of any new vulnerabilities that emerge, to help to prevent intrusions in their computer systems.

The platform, called GUAITA, has an extensive, safe database (identifiable data are encrypted). The database contains the software inventory and its vulnerabilities and is updated daily to include any new ones (CVEs) registered by NIST, a repository that contains a database of all existing vulnerabilities since 2002.

All alerts published on GUAITA provide in depth information about each vulnerability, the impact or damage that it could cause, and measures that can be taken to update affected systems.


GUAITA provides system administrators with a personalised panel that meets their needs and from which they can:

Manage their servers and associated services/products.

Review and validate vulnerability alerts that affect them.

Generate reports and statistics on the evolution of alerts and vulnerabilities.



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