A fluid dynamic study of the pumping system of the carboneras thermal power plant

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January 16, 2017
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December 1, 2016

The Centre for Industrial Diagnostics and Fluid Dynamics (CDIF UPC) carried out a fluid dynamic, structural-numeric and experimental study of the DSOX pumping system of ENDESA's thermal power plant in Carboneras (Almería) to determine the source of vibrations affecting one of the buildings at the plant and how to solve the problem.

The coastal thermal power plant consists of two generating sets based on steam turbines with a combined power of 1159 MW. Both generating sets have desulphurisation equipment that uses lime slurry to remove sulphur compounds from combustion gases. The fluid is driven from the bottom of the absorber to the top by four centrifugal pumps and their respective suction and delivery pipes, which generate a high level of vibration in one of the plant’s buildings when they are operating.



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