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The research groups CRAAX and SISCOM have completed their participation in the European project Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Protection with Innovative Security Framework (CIPSEC). The aim of the CIPSEC project was to create an innovative security solution for critical infrastructure environments.


This platform can easily integrate security products that are on the market. Consequently, the most innovative solutions available for anomaly detection, anti-malware, denial of service, software security platforms, etc. can be adopted, and then adapted or improved for incorporation into the CIPSEC platform. The solution that is developed can gather and process inputs from several sources and monitor critical infrastructure holistically.

To complete the security ecosystem, technical solutions are offered as additional services: vulnerability control tests at industrial level, studies of potential cascade-based attacks, contingency plans or forensic analysis as well as a training plan with the issue of certificates.

Three pilot projects have been carried out, led by Hospital Clínic de Barcelona in the health sector, the Consorzio per el Sistema Informatiu de Monitorització in the environmental sector, and Deustche Bahn AG in the transport sector. Based on valid requirements that were identified for any critical infrastructure, specific requirements were selected for each pilot project. The modularity of the platform developed in CIPSEC has meant that personalised solutions could be implemented for each of the pilot projects and, at the same time, a general solution could be offered that is adaptable to each critical infrastructure. In addition, it was found that the CIPSEC platform behaves satisfactorily when confronted with a wide range of attack scenarios.

CIPSEC can be rolled out fully at local level (in the client’s facilities), but it is also compatible with hybrid implementations, when one part is local and the other is in the cloud from where the most suitable products and services in each case can be selected.

The CIPSEC project, which has a budget of 5,613,788 euros, has thirteen members from European countries (Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom, Israel, Romania and Switzerland).  The project, which began in May 2019, lasted three years and is part of the European Framework Programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020.

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