Flexicast: new technologies to improve the foundry process

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December 1, 2016
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November 1, 2016

The Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Laboratory (LABSON UPC) has presented the final results of Flexicast, a project in which new technologies have been developed to transform the conventional (batch-by-batch) foundry process into a flexible (mould-by-mould) process, using cast iron manufacturing cells. The challenges could be grouped into three blocks: obtain a high quality cast iron, reduce the number of defects in the pieces, and design an automated foundry process, based on the use of robots that will promote greater training of staff and therefore, guarantee jobs.


Flexicast is part of the Seventh Framework Programme. The four-year project began in 2012. In addition to LABSON UPC, the project coordinator, 13 other partners were involved: Fundiciones de Roda, Proservice, Ondarlan, Tecnalia, Ascamm, CNR (ITIA/IMAMOTER), Comau, CIMNE, TSS Modena, Innospexion, Put Poznan, Arc and Foseco France SAS.


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