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June 1, 2018
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April 1, 2018

The Motion Control and Industrial Electronics Centre (MCIA UPC), together with the company IThinkUPC, have collaborated with Loire-Gestamp in a project for early fault detection in the operation of hydraulic hot stamping presses. If faults are detected early, press operation can be optimised and effective predictive maintenance strategies can be applied.

The aim of the project was to analyse and characterise the functioning of auxiliary pumps in presses made by Loire Gestamp, to detect and identify anomalous patterns of operation that could have a negative impact on the efficiency of the hot stamping facilities, the quality of production, and unscheduled press shutdowns. The early detection and identification of the likely origin of faults in the operation of auxiliary pumps could then be implemented in an application for automatic analysis of press operation, cycle by cycle, using an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform.


The diagnosis and monitoring system that was developed was based on procedures for analysing accessible variables of the machinery. These procedures are supported by advanced signal processing and artificial intelligence techniques. They enable characterisation of the current state of operation of the pump, and detection and identification of patterns of faults perceived during the operation of the press over time. The algorithms are based on the analysis of hundreds of thousands of production cycles, to characterise the correct operation of the pump and identify patterns corresponding to anomalous cycles and determine the likely causes of the fault.

The tool developed by Loire Gestamp can be used to analyse and supervise automatically and without assistance hundreds of thousands of production cycles, and rapidly identify anomalous cycles and analyse likely causes of the faults, by forensic testing and real-time analysis. Through an application that implements the algorithms of analysis and displays the results, the press operators, plant supervisors, press preparation teams and plant engineers can rapidly detect faults in the functioning of the machinery, regardless of the model that is being manufactured and the press.

About Loire Gestamp

Loire Gestamp is the leading production company in Spain in the design and manufacture of all types of hydraulic presses and press lines, with its headquarters in Hernani (Guipúzcoa). Its facilities cover over 8,000 square metres and it exports worldwide. Loire Gestamp is part of Gestamp, a Spanish multinational specialised in the design, development and manufacture of highly engineered metal components for the main automobile manufacturers.

Gestamp develops innovative products to attain vehicles that are ever safer and lighter, and therefore they have a better relation between energy consumption and environmental impact. The company’s products are used in bodywork, chassis and mechanisms. It has over 100 production plants in 21 countries and over 36,000 employees.

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