HEALTHCONSENSUS, a tool for the assessment of chronic care programmes

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March 19, 2015
Electromagnetic assessment of mecalux products
March 19, 2015

In collaboration with Onsanity the Multimedia Applications Laboratory (LAM UPC) designed and developed Healthconsensus for the assessment of chronic care programmes (HC-ACP). Healthconsensus is an online application created to promote and facilitate the participation of health professionals in defining a set of indicators that assesses the healthcare of chronic patients and manages areas for improvement in this field.

The first prototype of the application was tested successfully, first in Catalonia and then in the context of the entire Spanish health system. Healthconsensus collected the contributions of over 800 health professionals from all over Spain who work in the areas of management, health planning and quality assessment, and facilitated the exchange of knowledge and the clinical experience of all of the stakeholders involved in the process. HC-ACP achieved high levels of participation and user satisfaction.




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