Optimization of the design of an industrial washing machine through mathematical modelling

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October 1, 2017
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September 1, 2017

The Centre for Industrial Equipment Design (CDEI UPC), in collaboration with the company Girbau, has developed a parametrized model of an industrial washing machine. The model tests design proposals for optimizing product requirements in a short time, without the need for constructing a physical prototype.

In the industrial sector, a constant effort is made to optimize product functions and reduce the manufacturing costs and environmental footprint. When an industrial washing machine is developed, the aim is to design a product with the lowest possible energy consumption in use, optimized behaviour in terms of vibration and noise, and improved behaviour when conditions are atypical, for example, when the load has an unbalanced mass that is difficult to correct. The mathematical model of a washing machine’s kinematic and dynamic behaviour during its work cycle can be used to optimize it accurately and effectively. The model is based on the geometric, inertial characteristics of a specific washing machine design. Unlike one-dimensional approaches and other existing simplified methods, it can be used to consider all geometric, mechanical and functional parameters and observe how variation in them affects the behaviour of the machine before it is manufactured.



One of the key aspects this model addresses is how to reduce the vibration of the machine. This results in less noise, and therefore contributes to cutting pollution caused by vibrations and increases user comfort.


GIRBAU S.A. is a family company that has become one of the leading international groups in the manufacturing of equipment for all kinds of laundries. Their products include washing machines, dryers, continuous batch washers, and systems for transporting large loads of clothes.

GIRBAU and CDEI UPC have collaborated for over 30 years to develop laundry equipment.