Electromagnetic assessment of mecalux products

HEALTHCONSENSUS, a tool for the assessment of chronic care programmes
March 19, 2015
Aero-thermal analysis of an aircraft RAM-AIR fan
March 19, 2015

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Group (GCEM UPC) provided technical support for the final report verifying that Mecalux's products meet the essential requirements of the European Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and can therefore be introduced in the European Economic Area

GCEM UPC assessed the electromagnetic radiation of Mecalux equipment, including electromagnetic disturbances transmitted through cables and those that are propagated through the air in the form of electromagnetic waves. To achieve this, the tests and measurement procedures defined in international regulations were used to ensure that there was no interference with other equipment or telecommunication systems. Mecalux strongly supports innovation, which is why the company collaborates permanently with the UPC on research and training projects to develop new solutions that can be applied to the logistics sector.

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