Pilot test on municipal basic income in Barcelona

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March 1, 2017
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February 1, 2017

The Data Management Group (DAMA UPC) is developing the software technology for a pilot project on municipal basic income in Barcelona. The aim of the project is to determine the effectiveness of various kinds of cash benefits and services (such as access to housing, education and employment), to better fight against urban poverty.Theobjective is also to reach conclusions about how to improve the coordination and effectiveness of services offered in the same region, and how to ensure that people who receive a basic income gain independence, so that they become less dependent on public subsidies in the long-term.


The project, called B-Mincome, was presented by Barcelona and was one of 15 selected as part of the European project Urban Innovative Action (UIA). It has received 4.85 million euros of funding, which covers 80% of the total cost of the project. Other participants are Barcelona City Council, the Young Foundation, the Institute of Governance and Public Policies (IGOP), the centre for social innovation Nova, and the IESE Business School. The conclusions will be presented in October 2019.




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