My-Trac: a platform to optimize and promote public transport

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The Data Management Group (DAMA UPC) is leading My-TRAC, a European project to create a cross-cutting platform for public transport users and operators. The platform will improve the experience of seamless transport: a concept of a journey in which users take different forms of transport that are connected in a continuous, integrated, efficient and intelligent way.

The project will focus on developing an application called Travel Companion for users, and a web-based interface for public transport operators. This interface will be used to gather information from the network and update existing data. The aim of this new platform is to improve the user experience during the journey and improve the quality of transport services offered and perceived by travellers.


My-TRAC Travel Companion

The My-TRAC trip tracking service will help and guide the user during the entire trip, while allowing the passenger to control and manage the journey in real time. It will obtain data from the operator and other sources and use predictive algorithms that incorporate user preferences, to provide tailored recommendations on a small scale (e.g. use exit X or Y of the station) and a large scale (e.g. preference to travel using a route that is less dense and has shorter transfer times).

The My-TRAC Travel Companion will be the application that provides access to a set of advanced user-centred transport services. Specifically, it will be a unique access point for the passenger to purchase and receive tickets, and for business analytics, developed in complementary projects.

In addition, through My-TRAC Travel Companion, a smart human machine interface (HMI) will be launched to provide users with personalized access to information, depending on their individual needs. It will specifically address passengers’ impairments of a permanent or temporary nature (e.g. visual impairment, technological illiteracy).

The My-TRAC Social Market service will support enhanced interactions between passengers and a set of service providers during the trip, for example, to offer tailored discounts to the customer for taxis, hotels or museums, as well as access to Wi-Fi or digital content during travel or in stations. Furthermore, the social dimension will also be used to include group recommendations based on behavioural patterns and travellers with similar itineraries (e.g. activities performed close to the station and mobility as a service [MaaS]).

Platform for operators of public transport

The My-TRAC platform will create an independent web-based interface for operators through models and algorithms. Through the interface, the operators will be able to retrieve historical and real-time data on behavioural analytics of passengers; not only descriptive data, such as number or duration of trips, but also inferred data such as feelings and level of comfort while travelling. Information on public transport users will be aggregated and anonymized to ensure privacy.

The project will take three years and has a budget of 3.5 million euros. Participants include eight partners from five European countries as well as the UPC.



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