New onboard charger for breakdown asistance of hybrid vehicles

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March 24, 2016
Microwave measurement and electromagnetic compatibility
March 18, 2016

CITCEA UPC, and the company Circontrol, have developed an onboard charger for breakdown assistance of hybrid vehicles for the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia RACC. The number of electric vehicles is increasing and leading to new challenges in various areas.

One of them is breakdown assistance for cars whose batteries have gone flat during a journey. In this case, a charge of electrical energy is required so that the vehicle can at least reach a charging station and be used in a normal way again. The RACC identified the need for breakdown assistance vehicles that could charge electrical cars. Circontrol and CITCEA UPC developed the onboard charger, which is currently in the test phase and already installed in a RACC vehicle. The system has 16.5 kW power, which is enough to supply 15 km of autonomy after 20 minutes of charging.

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