New storage systems for concentrated solar power

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December 1, 2014
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December 1, 2014

The Heat and Mass Transfer Technology Center (CTTC UPC) is coordinating the KIC InnoEnergy project on thermal energy storage (TES) systems for concentrated solar power (CSP), to reduce such system’s high capital and maintenance costs, develop advanced analytical engineering tools and propose the best, most innovative solutions.


CTTC UPC has completed the beta version of two codes (STES and LTES), which are two innovative simulation tools for in-depth thermal and fluid analysis of storage systems for sensitive and latent heat. The codes can be used for i) advanced simulation analysis in relatively short computation times, ii) simulation of a wide range of storage systems (double tank, thermocline, etc.) iii) the analysis of different modes of operation of a plant, iv) special treatment of latent heat storage systems via encapsulated phase change materials, and v) economic analysis of energy stores to obtain minimum investment and operating costs. (Credit photo: Gemasolar Central Tower CSP plant).



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