A new environment that improves the flexibility of the 5G service

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May 6, 2020
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March 1, 2020

The Optical Communications Group (GCO) has worked on SliceNet. The aim of this European project is to maximise the potential of 5G infrastructures and their services through the design and implementation of an advanced network management and control system for 5G services. This ensures that requirements are met in terms of flexibility, enhanced operational capacities with respect to service quality, and the experience from the terminal to the operating system.

The SliceNet management and control system has been tested in three use cases to provide vertical services in the fields of smart cities, e-health and smart grid. Specifically, the cases are smart management of public streetlighting, a connected ambulance to manage communication between emergency medical teams and wearables, and SmartGrids energy distribution.

SliceNet forms part of the 5GPPP programme of the European Commission, whose aim is to maintain European leadership in 5G infrastructures. The project had a budget of almost 8 million euros over 3 years (completed in May 2020).

SliceNet has been coordinated by EURESCOM (Germany) with the participation of 15 other members in Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, Greece, Rumania and Ireland.

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