A new solar generator based on the fresnel concentrating system

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October 15, 2018
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October 1, 2018

The Heat and Mass Transfer Technological Centre (CTTC UPC) has participated in SIROCCO, a European project to create a solar heat generator based on the Fresnel concentrating system (a way of concentrating thermal solar energy).


Through a Fresnel solar field and thermocline thermal storage, a solution for industrial heat production has been developed based on renewable energies. The advantage of this solution lies in the use of technologies with low greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of this project was to implement a low-cost solution with a small carbon footprint based on an innovative solar field and thermal storage with beds of stone. The generator has been designed according to criteria of simplicity, thermal efficiency, mechanical resistance and integration of available materials.

CTTC UPC has worked intensely to study, optimise and design the receptor, heliostat and accumulator of thermal energy, as well as on the thermal and fluid dynamic analysis of systems under real conditions.

This new generator will be used to dry products within the food industry, to replace the fossil fuels that are currently used.

SIROCCO has been developed as part of the MAGHRENOV project, in which KIC Innoenergy participates along with five other international partners.



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