Ultra-low consumption radio receivers

New optical technologies for the needs of 5G applications
February 1, 2020
Hyperlieux Mobiles: a new concept in connected mobility for urban and regional development
February 1, 2020

The Communication Circuits and Systems Research Group (CIRCUIT) has developed a radio receiver to meet the increasing need to establish radiofrequency (RF) wireless data links that are low cost and have very low energy consumption. The consumption of the architectures that have been developed could reach values that are up to five times lower (or more) than standard superheterodyne architectures.

The new paradigm of sensor networks includes wireless connectivity between a potentially very high number of nodes and with extremely strict limits of available energy. In various situations, such as the use of wearables devices, certain medical applications that require numerous sensors distributed around the body, RF-ID identification, or the use of distributed sensors in smart cities, the consumption and cost can be reduced by intrinsically simple architectures such as that developed.

The results of this project have led to a patent.

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