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On Friday 1 June, the Data-Driven Steel 4.0 project program won second prize in the Industry Award 4.0, presented at the Industry Forum 4.0 organized by the Engineers of Catalonia’s Industry Commission 4.0. The forum was held in Barcelona’s Espacio Endesa.


Data-Driven Steel 4.0 is a smart monitoring program for metallurgy plants in the CELSA Group. It was developed by Motion Control and Industrial Applications (MCIA UPC), in collaboration with IThinkUPC, by means of an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform based on MIIMETIQ technology by NEXIONA.

The representative who received the prize was Òscar Cubiñá, director of the Celsa Barcelona steel mill, who can be seen in the above photograph holding the prize with various members of the project team (from left to right): Juan Antonio Ortega, director of MCIA UPC; Mauricio Echeverría, Industry 4.0 solutions manager for IThinkUPC; Òscar Cubiñá, director of the Celsa Barcelona steel mill; Jesús Adolfo Cariño, María Quiles, and Daniel Zurita, MCIA UPC researchers, and Julian Junge, director of technical operations at NEXIONA.

The aim of the Industry Award 4.0 is to recognise the contribution of companies that, like the CELSA Group, are carrying out pioneering initiatives and innovative projects in this area.


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