Technological innovation agreement in the field of hospital engineering

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May 17, 2022
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The rector of the UPC, Daniel Crespo, and the president of the Board of Trustees of the Fundació Mútua de Terrassa (FMT) for Teaching and Biomedical and Social Research, Jordi Parera Martinell, signed on May 17, a collaboration agreement to develop and test technological innovation in the hospital field, at the proposal of the CatMech research group, based at the UPC's Higher School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering (ESEIAAT) and integrated into the TECNIO Network. Professor and researcher Javier Álvarez del Castillo will coordinate and lead the projects that are generated.

Commitment for four years, extendable

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) and the Fundació Mútua de Terrassa (FMT) have committed to continue working together through an agreement signed by both institutions through which the development of surgical innovation devices is framed and coordinated, electromedical, biomedical, variable monitoring or therapeutic in the field of hospital engineering. The agreement also contemplates research in the field of statistical and scientific studies that help improve clinical care.

A patient detection bracelet inside hospitals, a new ergonomic gynecological bed that facilitates a more natural position during childbirth or a study on the impact of Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays on intercontinental flight passengers are some of the the projects already being worked on by Javier Álvarez, the researcher at the Advanced Center for Mechanical Technologies (CatMech), based at the UPC's ESEIAAT, who will be in charge of future joint collaboration projects developed with healthcare professionals at the MutuaTerrassa University Hospital (HUMT).

To facilitate monitoring of the collaboration between the two institutions, a mixed commission will be set up made up of representatives from the UPC and the FMT. The agreement is valid for four years, renewable.

The professor and researcher Javier Álvarez values ​​this agreement very positively "because it formalizes, frames and institutionally commits the work of technological innovation in the hospital field that we are doing in the CatMech research group of the UPC and, above all, what we will be able to do in a future. This work will contribute to facilitating the work of healthcare professionals at the MutuaTerrassa University Hospital and will therefore improve the results of clinical action and the quality of life of their patients”.

David Dalmau Juanola, director of the MútuaTerrassa Foundation for Teaching and Biomedical and Social Research, considers that the agreement “is a faithful example of the firm and determined commitment that both institutions maintain to provide added value to biomedical research and innovation , which increasingly needs the competition of references in other areas of experience, further qualifying the questions formulated, granting greater scientific rigor and enriching and complementing biomedical knowledge in a translational way”.

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