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The concept of Prosumer

CITCEA UPC has begun to participate in EMPOWER, a European project whose aim is to promote the concept of prosumer (producer and consumer at the same time) and analyse which technologies and services are needed to create local electricity markets that allow energy exchange. To demonstrate the feasibility of an energy scenario in which citizens participate in energy management, three pilot studies will be implemented in Norway, Germany and Malta.

The project is part of the H2020 programme. It is funded by the European Commission, and seven organizations collaborate in addition to CITCEA UPC: eSmart Systems (eSmart), Schneider Electric, SmartIO-Smart Innovation Østfold, Fredrikstad Energi Nett - FEN, la Universitat de St. Gallen - UNISG, Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency - MIEMA and NewEn Projects GmbH.