UPC Technology at the sixth edition of the IoT Solutions World Congress

Jornada Materiales avanzados para la construcción organizada por CITUPC
CIT UPC co-organizes the conference Advanced materials for construction
April 7, 2022
Recap of the conference Advanced materials for construction
May 11, 2022

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, through CIT UPC, is once again present at the edition of the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress ’22 held at the Fira de Barcelona on 10 to 12 May.

This year, through our participation, in addition to presenting the latest technological innovations of the UPC, we are positioned as ambassadors of this congress, that is, as collaborators of the IOTSWC with some very attractive benefits for those interested in attending. At the end of this news item are some discount codes that can be used.

UPC stand with disruptive, transformative technology

CIT UPC has a stand in the Catalan Government pavilion: Hall P4, Level 0, Street C, Stand 321.

IOTSWC is an international event on the transformation of industry through disruptive technologies. In this sixth edition under the slogan Game-changing technologies for industry transformation, IOTSWC brings together the main suppliers of industrial and information technology solutions to demonstrate the latest trends that can give companies in various sectors competitive advantages and promote collaboration in the ecosystem of technological solutions.

Come and find out about five UPC projects

The programme of the 2022 edition of IOTSWC is organised around five main areas: business optimisation, artificial intelligence, connectivity, security and customer experience.

The CIT UPC presents five IoT projects developed at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya:

  1. Machine learning for more effective hospital management: the main aim of the Hospitals 4.0 project is to optimise the availability of resources and their maintenance within the hospital environment. This guarantees the availability of medical equipment when it is necessary and helps to anticipate shortfalls or potential problems in enough time to be able to find solutions. For this purpose, a digital twin is used that enables the simulation of real situations.
  2. Industry 4.0 modules to improve the management of industrial plants: the Research Centre for Monitoring, Safety and Automatic Control (CS2AC UPC) has collaborated with the company LOGI to develop a series of modules for LogiPlatform, a hybrid platform (edge/cloud) of self-integration for the industry 4.0 using multiplatform modular management software, to improve the management of industrial plants.
  3. Digital twins for a more efficient, reliable and safer construction industry: researchers from the Analysis and Technology of Structures and Materials (ATEM), the Geomatic Engineering (EGEO) and the Construction Engineering (EC) research groups led by professor Rolando Chacón from the UPC Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are heading one of the work packages in the European project ASHVIN (Assistants for Healthy, Safe and Productive Virtual Design, Operation & Maintenance using a Digital Twin).
  4. Low-power IoT wireless mesh: the Wireless Networks Group (WNG) is leading WINTERTIME, a project to design and implement a wireless mesh for the internet of things with low-power radios. IoT devices tend to have a wireless communication interface. However, to meet the requirements of low consumption and low cost, the technologies that are generally used for personal communications (for example, WiFi or LTE) are not suitable. The main idea of the project is to integrate users and “things” in the same network, despite the fact that they use incompatible communication technologies.
  5. Robust methods for statistical interference, data integrity and interference management in 5G communication networks and applications: the RODIN project, in which the Signal Processing and Communications Group (SPCOM) participates, seeks to provide solutions to two major challenges that hinder the communication and processing of the large volumes of data that will be generated in the future IoE (Internet of Everything): the management of interference in wireless networks and information processing against integrity and security threats.

Projects pitch on the Barcelona City Council stand

Wednesday 11 May from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m.: technological projects developed at the UPC will be briefly presented at a pitch of company presentations on the Barcelona City Council stand.

To consult in advance the technological capabilities that the university can offer in the IoT sector, see cit.upc.edu.

Attendance with discount

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