Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH


Electromagnetic Compatibility Group

GCEM offers businesses consulting and development services
in relation to technological research and innovation in the field
of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It has all the necessary
facilities and equipment, as well as the specialised staff, to conduct
electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety tests.

Its areas of technological expertise include:


Anechoic chamber to conduct radiated emission tests of household and industrial equipment and automotive components, as well as radiated immunity tests up to 30 V/m. The centre also has facilities to perform conducted emission and immunity tests. The chamber dimensions are: 4.6 m long x 3.6 m wide x 2.2 m high.

Effects on living beings

GCEM carries out studies on the effect of electromagnetic fields on living beings for both businesses and private citizens. In each case, it studies the applicable legislation (royal decrees, EU directives, etc.) and compares the measured levels with both national and international recommendations.


GCEM offers consulting services in several areas:

- Design of equipment, systems and facilities.
- Measuring methods and procedures.
- Application of EU directives, international regulations and certification procedures.
- Analysis of the effects of electromagnetic fields on living beings.
- Design and management of EMC laboratories.

EMC numerical simulation

GCEM's current knowledge on numerical simulation can easily be transferred to meet real needs in the electronics and telecommunications sectors. Numerical simulation in the sphere of electromagnetic compatibility has a wide range of applications in electrical and electronic development.

GCEM is part of the UPC Department of Electronic Engineering's research line on electronic and biomedical instrumentation.

GCEM carries out its activities in sectors that use electrical or electronic equipment that might generate or be affected by electromagnetic interference, such as:


AutomotiveAeronauticsMedical devicesIndustrial equipmentConsumer electronicsProfessional electronics

GCEM offers consulting services in all these sectors both for electronic design and to determine the applicable regulations for a given piece of equipment. It moreover offers businesses the necessary tools and facilities to conduct electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety tests.

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