Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH


Research Center for Food Safety and Control

The Food Safety and Control Centre (CRESCA) was created more than 10 years ago and joined the Catalan government’s TECNIO network in January 2003.

CRESCA’s expertise is in the following areas:

Organic waste

Characterisation and diagnosis of organic waste, analysis and monitoring of composting, use of products in agriculture.


Durability and traceability of food products, hazard analysis and critical control points, design of pilot plants.


Packaging engineering; packaging management and auditing; packaging projects; supplier management; study, design and calculation of packaging.

Hygiene and environmental quality

Health design; audit and diagnosis; disinfection and pest control; prevention and control of Legionellosis; decontamination of air-conditioning systems; cleaning maintenance.

Product development

Bioengineering products, over-the-counter drugs, foodstuffs, cosmetics, veterinary products.



Development of prototypes of food equipment, design and/or construction of new equipment and facilities for food companies, food compression systems, design of cryogenic facilities.


Detection of pathogens in food products, molecular analysis methods (real-time PCR), disinfection technologies, biofouling control in industry.

Food science and technology

Analysis of the functional properties of food, analysis of natural antioxidants against free radicals, model oxidation systems and real food, optimisation and validation of processes.

The centre carries out basic and applied research and provides specialist training in food safety and control. It currently has two registered patents to out-license:

  • Waste container (P201000984)
  • Submersible motor vehicle controlled buoyancy and buoyancy control system of an underwater vehicle motor (P200802549)

These areas of expertise are used in the following sectors:

These areas of expertise are used in the following sectors:
Food industryHealth control and food hygienePackaging

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