Public space and urban infrastructure

  • Proposals for action and improvement of public space.
  • Mobility studies applied to public space.
  • Maintenance reports.
  • Technical recommendations on materials and furniture.
  • Reports and projects on urban vegetation.
  • Cataloging urban spaces.
  • Urban infrastructure and services studies.

Waste Management

  • Minimization of waste at source and revaluation.
  • Study and treatment of urban solid waste (MSW)
  • Management and treatment of special waste (organic, agricultural, industrial, ...)
  • Waste assessment:
    • construction (recycling and use)
    • of the paving.
    • of sewage sludge.
    • others.
  • Waste isolation (MSW, industrial and radioactive)
  • Municipal cleaning.

Equipment and Heritage

  • Architectural proposals for unique equipment.
  • Exploratory work on new equipment.
  • Programming of public equipment and facilities.
  • Architectural heritage catalogs.
  • Study and proposals for new uses.
  • Reports and heritage intervention projects: rehabilitation, restoration, conservation.
  • Maintenance and sustainability reports in public buildings.


  • Informes de demanda i oferta d’habitatges.
  • Redacció de programes d’habitatge públic.
  • Delimitació d’àrees de rehabilitació integrada.
  • Propostes d’actuació de rehabilitació i millora de barris.
  • Propostes d’innovació tipològica i tecnològica d’habitatges.
  • Informes i estudis sobre sostenibilitat i habitatge.
  • Recomanacions de polítiques de manteniment.

Urbanism, environment and landscape

  • Unique urban plans.
  • Strategic plans.
  • Agenda 21.
  • Urban catalogs.
  • Urban and territorial diagnosis-proposal studies.
  • Landscape studies.
  • Environmental impact reports.
  • Reports on the implementation of infrastructures, new activities, urban areas, ...
  • Sustainability reports.