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Newsletter CIT UPC nº67     
Energy and enviornment:
New technologies for a more efficient electric vehicle
MCIA UPC , along with the SEAT Technical Centre and Mavilor, have developed a supported drive chain for reluctance motors that will enable the manufacture of cheaper, more robust and efficient electric vehicles. The enormous potential of this technology...
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Management of software vulnerabilities in organisations
inLab FIB UPC- esCERT has developed a platform for monitoring an organisation’s operating systems, software and devices, and notifying the system administrator of any new vulnerabilities that emerge, to help to prevent intrusions in their computer systems.
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An application for measuring ionising radiation
The Dosimetry, Computer Graphics and Robotics Areas of the Biomedical Engineering Research Centre (CREB UPC) are participating in PODIUM (Personal Online Dosimetry Using Computational Methods), a project that will improve the dosimetry monitoring of people exposed to ionising radiation.
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CIT UPC Day: Providing innovation to create value technological capabilities for industry

On 20 March, the CIT UPC day “Providing Innovation to Create Value” was held with the support of ACCIÓ. On the day, some of the technological capabilities of UPC TECNIO centres were presented. 
The session was focused on the presentation of technological....

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The UPC will participate in the second edition of ‘VIRTUAL REALITY MARKET BCN 360’
The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) will participate in the second edition of the trade fair ‘Virtual Reality Market BCN 360’, which will be held in the Barcelona Design Museum on 27 and 28 April, and at which the latest projects and technological capabilities in the field will be presented.
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CREB researcher Maria Pau Ginebra selected as a finalist for the EU Prize for Women Innovators
Researcher Maria Pau Ginebra, has been selected as one of the 12 finalists for the 2018 EU Prize for Women Innovators. This prize is awarded by the European Union in the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme, with the aim of raising awareness of the need to innovate and encouraging more women to become entrepreneurs. 
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Technological capabilities

Biomedical signals and systems in health technologies
We can design and develop advanced techniques in biomedical signal processing for monitoring, diagnosing and treating diseases.
We also work on the processing and interpretation of cardiac (ECG, HRV, blood pressure), respiratory (pressure, volume, flow), neuronal (EEG, evoked potential), and electromyographic (EMG, VMG) signals.
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This month at the CIT UPC blog...
Modelling urban mobility
Currently, mobility is one of the main concerns in urban areas. Mobility can be defined as the movement of people or goods efficiently and safely, and the capacity to travel when and where a traveller or goods need to go.
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SAFEPRES: Winner project in the Factories of the Future Awards
The SAFEPRES project, carried out by Motion Control & Industrial Applications (MCIA UPC) in collaboration with IThinkUPC for the company Loire Gestamp has won the category Best innovation project in the Factories of the Future Awards
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Did you know...
The Center for Structural Integrity, Reliability and Micromechanics of Materials (CIEFMA UPC) and the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering (BBT) group of CREB UPC have nanoindentation equipment to undertake instrumented indentation tests to determine the mechanical and tribological properties of different materials on a small scale. The applications include measurements of semiconductors, thin layers, MEMs, hard layers, composite materials, fibres, metal polymers, ceramics and biomaterials, among others. This instrument can be used to determine the mechanical properties of small volumes of material, surfaces and particles with dimensions of up to a few nanometres.

Information of interest

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    Participation of Catalonia in Horizon 2020 (February 2018) - Fact sheet – Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) 

  The Spanish government approves 800 million euros to fund corporate R&D&I projects

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