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Energy and Environmental:
Improve the efficiency of grids
CITCEA UPC has begun to participate in RESOLVD (Renewable Penetration Levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution Grids), a European project whose aim is to facilitate the integration of renewable generation into the low voltage grid and improve the management of the grid and energy flows. 
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Advanced manufacturing: 
Predictive application for machining metal parts without defects
CIEFMA UPC is taking part in the AVINT project, whose aim is to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of machining processes by developing an application for predicting the roughness of parts before they are production...
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Energy and Environmental:
The design of innovative devices to improve observation and monitoring systems for sea currents

SARTI UPC participates in the Multi-Sensor Extra Light Oceanography Apparatus (MELOA) project. As part of the Horizon 2020 European programme, the aim of this project is to find an...

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Iot Solutions World Congress 2018

The UPC, through the CIT UPC, is at the Barcelona edition of the IoT Solutions World Congress on 16–18 October, held at the Gran Via venue. CIT UPC is on stand E551-hall2 in the Government of Catalonia’s pavilion where it is presenting, among other projects, an electrocardiograph...

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The UPC participates in the First Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking Congress

With the support of CIT UPC, inLab FIB UPC is at Cyber Ethical Days, the First Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking Congress that is being held as part of Barcelona Industry Week on 17–18 October. MONTJUIC 1 , Hall P8 , Street B , Stand 240.

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The project of a CREB-UPC researcher to rehabiliate people with spinal cord injuries receives a Leonardo Grant
The ABLE exoskeleton, designed and developed in the Biomechanical Engineering Lab (BIOMEC) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and directed by the researcher...
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Technological capabilities

We can work with mobile devices and apps to monitor biomedical signals and healthcare services in the "remote care" area.  We develop systems for rehabilitation and therapy, information management, biomedical signal processing, genomics, patient monitoring solutions, and medical images.
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CIT UPC blog
Maria Pau Ginebra, Director of the Biomaterials Division, CREB UPC
To sum up in a few words, the use of biomaterials for bone regeneration is the main concept around which Maria Pau Ginebra’s research work revolves.
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The UPC and Seidor sign an agreement to promote technological innovation
The agreement between inLab FIB UPC and the multinational Seidor will last four years, in which technological initiatives will be developed relating to cloud, blockchain and 5G technologies.
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Did you know...

On behalf of Telefónica, inLab FIB UPC studied the internet presence and activity of 326 Catalan political leaders in 2010. In particular, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin were analysed. The study is part of the broader initiative "Catalonia 4.0: the impact of ICT on Catalan society ".

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