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Algorithms to achieve sustainable growth in the leisure marine sector

DAMA UPC has collaborated with its spin-off Sparsity to develop MaSSy (Mobile collaborative systems for the improvement of services and business development in the yachting industry) for the promotion of innovation in water management.

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New technologies for more efficient, environmentally friendly buildings

SEER UPC is participating in the Sudoket project, to boost key Enabling Technologies (KETs) for the construction of innovative buildings. KETs can be applied in the construction sector to design and build innovative buildings that are more environmentally friendly, efficient, and...

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The most exceptional marine observatories, now more accessible

SARTI UPC has concluded its participation in FixO3 (Fixed-point Open Ocean Observatory), a European project whose objectives are integration and standardisation of European ocean observatories and making these exceptional facilities accessible to society. The aim of the observatories...

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  Activities CIT UPC
CIT UPC joins the advanced materials cluster

CIT UPC has officially joined the Advanced Materials Cluster (CMAV), a non-profit association whose main aim is to promote and contribute to the competitiveness of companies and entities in the value chain of the Catalan advanced materials sector. 

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The UPC and PIMEC strengthen companies’ innovation and competitiveness

On 5 December, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and PIMEC (an employers' association that represents the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed...

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DATTIUM TECHNOLOGY: Smart monitoring in industry 4.0

MCIA UPC has created the spin-off Dattium Technology, specialised in the development of smart monitoring systems for industrial applications. 

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Technological capabilities


We can analyse data and carry out tests to detect fraud. We develop digital identification, biometric, and encryption systems.

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Interview with Monika Bachofner, Operations Director, EIT Urban Mobility

Monika Bachofner, industrial engineer and economist who graduated from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), is the operations director at EIT Urban Mobility, a knowledge and innovation community (KIC) that has just been launched. EIT Urban Mobility has a consortium promoted by the UPC with the collaboration of CIT UPC and CARNET. 

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Barcelona will be the European capital of urban mobility, with the UPC as one of the key technological partners

MOBILus is the new innovation community (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a network that positions Barcelona as the European capital of urban mobility. The candidature of this platform, formed by 48 partners from 15 countries that include cities companies, universities and research...

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 Did you know...

INNOTEX Center / Intexter has a textile technology laboratory for determinations of dye fastness and physicochemical studies of dye application processes. The laboratory can reproduce all industrial dye procedures at semi-industrial scale and is specialised in minimisation of environmental impact.

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