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New technologies for the treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater

INTEXTER, with the collaboration of the MCIA research centre are leading ELDE, a project to develop new technologies for reusing industrial water in the paper, chemistry and tanning industries. For three years, UPC researchers will apply new electrochemical wastewater treatment...

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Advanced manufacturing

New process of manufacturing and integrating optoelectronic devices

CD6 UPC is taking part in the Flexible Optical Injection Moulding of Optoelectronic Devices (FLOIM) project. The aim of FLOIM is to develop a new automated process for manufacturing optoelectronic devices (electronic devices that source, detect and control light) to produce...

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Exoskeletons that can reduce by 60% the muscle effort of employees in the automobile sector

The Biomechanics Area of CREB UPC is participating in a pioneering project to introduce the use of exoskeletons in the automobile industry, to reduce the muscle activity of employees in certain production line tasks and thus improve their health. The use of exoskeletons...

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  Activities CIT UPC
Virtual and augmented reality: Applications in the business world

CIT UPC has participated in the “Virtual, augmented and mixed reality, business conference and demonstration day” through ViRVIG, an UPC research centre specialised in virtual and augmented reality. 

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CIT UPC participates in the Transfiere 2019 Forum

CIT UPC participated in Transfiere 2019: a professional, multi-sector forum for knowledge and technology transfer that is held in Spain to promote business innovation. During networking activities, the CIT UPC presented the technological capabilities of the UPC and projects... 

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STEERING MACHINES: Mobility and versatility 360º

The Center for Industrial Equipment Design (CDEI UPC) has created the spin-off Steering Machines to market an omnidirectional platform that facilitates the mobility of a product over any kind of ground with any load.

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Technological capabilities

Product design and development

Conceptualisation, modeling, prototyping, testing and pre-industrialization of products. Reduction of product development time. Design, development and control of industrial processes and equipment.

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Towards a new fashion culture

In the last 15 years, considerable changes have occurred in the fashion textile industry. The production and sale of clothes has almost doubled, but the number of times an item of clothing is used before it is discarded has dropped by 36%. This situation is due to the expanding middle class and to fast fashion: a strategy based on rapid changes in design...

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12th Award for research valorization 2019

The UPC Board of Trustees has announced the 12th UPC Award for Research Valorization 2019, to recognise UPC research groups’ work in technology transfer in various modes: projects to transfer technology, inventions or works for application to the market and spin-offs. Proposals must be submitted before the 13 May.

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 Did you know...

In the 20 member centres of the CIT UPC, 42% of all researchers hold doctoral degrees.
With the quality of their research results, 27 spin-off companies have been found and 143 patents registered. In addition, almost 600 research and development companies have been developed in 2017. 

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