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Share4Rare is born, the first social media network to connect patients, caregivers and researchers of rare diseases

Unlike the existing forums, Share4Rare is unique as it brings together all rare diseases without limiting the issues that can be treated and in a safe and secure environment. Moreover, Share4Rare, incorporates the technology of dating platforms...

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Smart monitoring system for industrial cold generation plants

The Motion Control and Industrial Applications (MCIA UPC) centre, in collaboration with the Corporación Alimentaria Guissona, has begun to participate in a project whose objective is to develop a smart monitoring system for industrial cold generation plants, by maximising efficiency and minimising operating costs...

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Better protection from exhibitions to low ionizing radiations in health sector

In Vienna, the main results were presented of the first two years (out of a total of 4) of MEDIRAD, a European project with participants from the Biomedical Engineering Research Centre (CREB UPC) and the Dosimetry and Ionizing Radiation Research Group from the Institute of Energy Technologies (INTE UPC)...

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  Activities CIT UPC
CIT UPC, new member of the Cluster Food Service

The UPC Technology Center has joined the Cluster FoodService of Catalonia. This action has strengthened the CIT UPC’s presence in clusters and its position as an excellent technological partner for companies, in this case, in the food industry.

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UPC technology at the On Days

On 2–4 April, the ON 2019 days were held. This event is organised by Castelldefels Town Council and provides a meeting point for the business sector in the Llobregat area and researchers, to take advantage of research dynamics and transfer knowledge to the business environment.

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Maria Pau Ginebra, Eduard Alarcón, Marcel Guardia and Maria Teresa Martínez-Seara, winners of ICREA ACadèmia 2018 prizes

Maria Pau Ginebra, Eduard Alarcón, Marcel Guardia and Maria Teresa Martínez-Seara are some of the 45 prize winners (out of 324 candidates) in the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) awards.

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Technological capabilities

Blockchain for the cybersecurity

We can use recent innovations of blockchain applications to create, administrate and audit smart contracts. Moreover, we can apply it in the payment ecosystems and self-sovereign identity.

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Jesús Adolfo Cariño, María Quiles and Daniel Zurita, co-founders of Dattium Technologies

Dattium Technologies is the business that came out of the Data Driven Steel 4.0 project. The success of the Motion Control and Industrial Applications (MCIA) centre’s work has generated know-how that has a market value, and its creators have decided to develop this themselves. The founders are three young researchers who participated in the project for CELSA: Daniel Zurita, Jesús Adolfo Cariño and María Quiles, supported in the project by Juan Antonio Ortega. Zurita and Cariño hold PhDs in engineering from the UPC, and Quiles, who is also an engineer, is completing her thesis.

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IDEAI, the UPC Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center, is opened

The opening of the UPC Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDEA) Research Center took place on the 3rd of March. Directed by the researcher Cecilio Angulo, the IDEAI Center focuses on the design and development of artificial intelligence techniques and smart data science, as well as methods for the assessment, prediction, management, decision support and control of complex systems.

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 Did you know...

CRAHI UPC has launched #CarreteraNevada, a campaign for citizen participation to gather data on how the Catalan road network is affected in snow storms. Through the campaign, people are asked to send photographs of affected roads via Twitter and email. The images will help researchers to validate and improve the current model of forecasting road conditions when there is snowfall.

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