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Architectural model of the Sagrada Familia's Nativity Facade in 3D

VIMAC UPC has created a highly accurate 3D model of the Sagrada Família’s Nativity Facade. The aim of the project was to document the architectural geometry, obtain evidence of the current state of conservation and provide documentary support. The data is of use for plans and designs drawn up to complete the building that is still under construction. It also enables works of conservation, restoration, maintenance, reform...

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Smart router for energy distribution

CITCEA UPC, in collaboration with its spin-off Teknocea, has developed a smart system called IDPR (Intelligent Distribution Power Router). This device can be used to address congestion and instability in the low voltage grid for the integration of renewable energies and distributed generation, new loads such as electric vehicles and storage systems. The device can also be used to manage batteries, so it has great potential in self-consumption environments and in future situations that...

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A system for monitoring the elderly based on gas sensors and artificial intelligence

The device, which is entering the pilot phase, is designed to assist families or carers of elderly people who live alone. It can detect hazardous situations such as whether the gas has been left on, the ventilation is insufficient, or food has gone off in the dwelling.
CREB UPC and the company Sensing & Control have launched a pilot test of a new system of artificial intelligence-based gas sensors to monitor elderly people who live alone.

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  Activities CIT UPC
Innovation and future in the scope of historical heritage

CIT UPC, in collaboration with the Advanced Materials Cluster (CMAV), is organising the conference “Advanced materials and future industrial challenges. Through projects developed at the UPC, the central role of advanced materials will be presented as facilitating technologies to face new challenges in health, energy and the environment and in structures and components. 

Pedro Moneo, founder and CEO of Opinno and editor of the MIT Technology Review in Spanish, will open the conference with a talk entitled “The ten emerging technologies of 2019” and will energize the session.
(in Spanish)

    Date: 5 June
    Location: Campus UPC Diagonal Besòs

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Innovation and future in the scope of historical heritage

CIT UPC and the Barcelona City History Museum (MUHBA) are organising a sector meeting entitled “Innovation and future in the scope of historical heritage”. The aim is to discuss the current state and future of the sector. The latest technological trends will be presented that can be applied to the architectural field, the dissemination and recognition of heritage, and advanced digitation techniques.
The conference is aimed at stakeholders in the sector who are responsible for heritage management: architectural studios, engineers, restoration companies, archaeologists, museums and government bodies.
(in Catalan)

    Date: 12 June
    Location: Campus UPC Diagonal Besòs

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Klaas de Groot award for Maria Pau Ginebra

MThe European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) has given Maria Pau Ginebra the prestigious Klaas de Groot Award for scientists who have undertaken an excellent task of mentoring and supporting young researchers.

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Technological capabilities

Water management

We work in automatic water systems, in the monitoring and measurement of quality, as well as in advanced treatments for the purification of this. We also carry out water reuse and recycling projects.

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IDEAI: responses for the future of artificial intelligence

The digitalisation fever in the business world, the automation of processes in new digital factories or the impact of social networks and new urban mobility in smart cities are only possible because of the new revolution, some say disruption, caused by the widespread emergence of artificial intelligence and smart data science.

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A project on energy control selected in the second edition of MIT-SPAIN

The project “MULTI-MICROGRID. Smart distribution and control of energy systems for isolated communities”, which involves the participation of researchers from the SEER group at the UPC, was one of the twelve disruptive research projects selected for the second edition of the MIT-Spain programme “La Caixa” Foundation Seed Fund.

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 Did you know...

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) has contributed to the Catalan innovation system with 341 patents, which puts it in top position among Catalan universities with 12% of the patents registered between 2007 and 2016, according to a study by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI) entitled Caracterització de les patents de les universitats catalanes i els centres CERCA (Characterisation of patents of Catalan universities and CERCA centres). This is the first study of its type in Catalonia, which processed 12 million patents from all official patent offices worldwide.    

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 A definition of Artificial Intelligence: main capabilities and scientific disciplines - European Commission 
 R&D Tax Incentives: Spain, 2018 - OECD
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