The UPC Technology Center (CIT UPC): Leading UPC technologies and the most advanced medical solutions


TRACK1: Biomaterials and Biomechanics

  • Calcium phosphate foams: tunable biomaterials for bone regeneration.
    • David Pastorino, CREB UPC.
  • Patient-Tailored Active Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis to Assist the Gait of Spinal Cord Injured Subjects.
    • Dr. Josep M. Font Llagunes (CREB UPC and Biomechanical Engineering Group).
  • Biomimetic biomaterials.
    • Dr. Francesc Xavier Gil, CREB UPC.


TRACK2: MHealth

  • IWalker: Support to mobility.
    • Dr. Antonio Benito Martínez, CREB UPC.
  • Biofeedback systems for unary  incontinence treatment
    • Dr. Miquel A. Mañanas, CREB UPC, Dra. Montserrat Espuña, Cap de la Unitat de Uroginecologia en l'Institut de Ginecologia i Obstetricida de l'Hospital Clínic
  • Mobile tools to attend people's health needs
    • Dr. Juan Ramos, CREB UPC, Lluís Capdevila, UAB (Laboratory of Sport Psychology)




TRACK3: Technologies and medical devices for diagnosis and treatment

  • Photonics technologies for the diagnosis and prognosis of skin cancer.
    • Dr. Santiago Royo CD6 UPC.
  • Predictive system of the evolution of athletes in competition
    • Dr. Alexandre Perera, CREB UPC and José Manuel Soria, Unit of Genomics of Complex Diseases. Institut de Recerca de l'Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.
  • Assisted stent inspection
    • Dr. Ferran Laguarta and Jaume Castellà, CD6 UPC
  • System for in-situ electroporation of adherent cells growing in standard multi-well plates.
    • Dr. Ramon Bragós, CREB UPC, and Dra. Anna Mª Gómez-Foix, UB.
  • Help 4 Mood: system to support the treatment of people with major depression.
    • Dr. Joan Ramos, CREB UPC and Dr. Antoni Serrano Blanco, Psiquiatra, Coordinador Unitat d'Aguts, Urgències i Hospitalització Parcial, Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu.


TRACK4: Serious games

  • Serious games for heart surgery : the virtual perfusionist.
    • Eloy Félix Manzanares CREB UPC.
  • IntegraGame: a serious game of job training for people with intellectual deficit.
    • Nuria Bonet Codina CREB UPC.