STEERING MACHINES: Movilidad y versatilidad 360º

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February 12, 2019
CIT UPC participates in the final event of the S2S project in cambridge
February 15, 2019


The Center for Industrial Equipment Design (CDEI UPC) has created the spin-off Steering Machines to market an omnidirectional platform that facilitates the mobility of a product over any kind of ground with any load. The technology was developed by CDEI and is patented.

The platform consists of a traction module with conventional wheels that executes orders for omnidirectional movement through a navigation system and emits its position and orientation through the same system. It is a vehicle with high manoeuvrability and autonomy that can move in any direction at any time and execute trajectories that cannot be undertaken by other vehicles with conventional wheels on the market. As a result, it needs less space to move, makes it more flexible to adapt to different environments and improve interaction with the rest of the machines.

As it has conventional wheels, the vehicle has a greater load capacity, greater capacity to adapt to any kind of ground and greater mechanical simplicity with lower maintenance costs. The new system is also more cost competitive than existing omnidirectional wheels on the market.

The platform is designed to adapt easily to the needs of each customer. Therefore, it can be used in a wide range of sectors such as transport for internal logistics, transport of special loads of a large volume in aeronautics, the automotive industry, agricultural machinery or emergence services vehicles; small transport for offices, hospitals, shops or public spaces; last-mile transport; robotics; and more specific applications such as wheelchairs, games, recreational vehicles or 4x4s, among others.

The first prototype was presented at Smart City Expo World Congress 2018.

More information: Jordi Martín
Business development
Telephone: 93.4054690