Concepts of urban mobility

  • MSustainable Urban Mobility
  • Strategies of multimodal mobility
  • Dynamic models of trance and management
  • Flexible road meshes
  • Logistic concepts and of routing / Routing of multiple paths (AI)
  • Communications / Cooperative Urbana Mobility

Smart cities and sustainable infrastructure

  • Sustainable urban design and accessibility (design with intermodality)
  • Urbanism and architecture (acoustics, heat, comfort, light optimization)
  • Simulation of urban data (land use, housing, urban mobility plans) and virtual reality
  • Smart charging and networking
  • Sustainable / Smart Materials / Recycling
  • Adaptive and trusted interconnectivity
  • Big Data and smart systems
  • Structural technologies

Sustainable Vehicle Concepts

  • Advanced materials
  • Alternative propulsion systems
  • Electrical, Electronic, Wireless
  • Energy efficiency and life cycle
  • Autonomous and connected mobility solutions
  • Security and convenience
  • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, interaction / recognition / optical sensor

Business design for urban mobility

  • Mobility as a service (MaaS)
  • Qualitative learning and decision making systems
  • Technological and social trends
  • Predictive user studies
  • Mobility data collection
  • Investment Scenarios / Public Investment