The UPC and Seidor sign an agreement to promote technological innovation

IoT Solutions World Congress 2018
September 19, 2018
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October 3, 2018


The agreement between inLab FIB UPC and the multinational Seidor will last four years, in which technological initiatives will be developed relating to cloud, blockchain and 5G technologies.

The collaboration between inLab FIB UPC and Seidor, a consultancy company specialized in management software and value-added ICT services, has been established to develop various technological initiatives together.

As part of the four-year agreement, the two partners aim to launch at least ten or twelve projects relating to the application of cloud technology to educational tools for the classroom, the use of blockchain in public administration, and the creation of disruptive applications facilitated by 5G technology.

InLab FIB UPC will participate in the development of the initiatives and will provide advice on ICT innovation, through the formation of working teams that meet Seidor’s needs.

Following the signature of this agreement, UPC Rector, Francesc Torres, stated that “companies like Seidor help to develop the digital transformation of the UPC and promote innovative ICT research lines”. The director of inLab FIB, Josep Casanovas, said that “this project is an opportunity for our future graduates to train in multidisciplinary, changing environments”. The dean of the Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB), José Fernández Ruzafa, added that “students will be able to participate in real, innovative projects that complement their training and will activate their professional careers”.