STEERING MACHINES, best start-up in barcelona activa’s acceleration programme

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Applications in the business world
February 12, 2019
Virtual and augmented reality: applications in the business world
February 12, 2019


The Center for Industrial Equipment Design’s (CDEI UPC) young spin-off Steering Machines, successfully completes its time in the support programme for entrepreneurial projects with a high technology impact

Barcelona, 6 March 2019. On 20 February, Steering Machines won the best start-up prize at the Demoday promoted by Barcelona Activa’s pre-acceleration programme for technology projects. Ten companies participated in the event. Candidates presented their work before a jury of experts from the university academic sector, innovation and financial entities. Steering Machines and its mobile platform MOBY won the best project in the edition, after an analysis of aspects such as the business model, technological quality, feasibility and social impact.

The Steering Machines product, MOBY, consists of a robotic platform or mobile base that can move in all directions and orientations without the need for manoeuvring. One of its main advantages is that it needs less space for trajectories. It also has a greater capacity to adapt to different environments and easier interaction with other machines. Another innovation is the introduction of standard wheels, rather than the special ones that have been used to date. This gives the platform better load capacity and mechanical simplicity, with the resulting lower need for maintenance. In addition, due to the conventional wheels, it can be adapted to circulate on any surface.

The Steering Machines platform could be used by automation engineers and in automated lines in factories or warehouses, as a component that facilitates transport of products from one point to another. MOBY can also be used by robotics companies as  a base on which to mount their robots, so that they have the highest level of manoeuvrability and robustness, and the capacity to circulate outside.

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